Internet Vikings

Internet Vikings is a product of Victor Jerlin and Rickard Vikström, two smart brains from the world of Internet entrepreneurship. Since its foundation in 2008, the company has been providing search engine optimization (SEO) solutions and software services to businesses looking to improve their search engine rankings and internet traffic. Internet Vikings has offices in various countries around the world, including Malta, Ukraine, and Sweden (where the company’s headquarters are situated). Providing anything and everything one would need to get their search engines results going up, the company enjoys a big client base scattered in various parts of the globe. The customer support service of the company is available in English, whether the website of Internet Vikings is available in several languages.

Internet Vikings provides SEO hosting services with multiple C-class internet protocols. The company also sells expired domains with high SEO metrics and page ranks. The firm offers various different internet protocols which can be used via proxy cluster as well.


Here are the highlights for those who don’t have much time to read the entire Internet Vikings review:

  • Internet Vikings is one of the biggest search engine optimization hosting service providers not only in Europe but in the entire world; the company has clients all around the globe
  • Provides targeted search engine optimization solutions for boosting the search engine rankings as well as for driving traffic
  • A whopping 200,000 domains scanned on a daily basis
  • 150,000 IPs based in various different geographical locations
  • One of the SEO hosting giants in Europe
  • Domain Marketplace gives customers an edge over competitors
Internet vikings
Internet vikings

Who Is Internet Vikings Ideal for?

Internet Vikings is the solution for those who want to efficiently and quickly improve their rankings in search engines but don’t know where to start from. The company has put together a quality team of experts who know what SEO entails and how it works. From great SEO features and domain opportunities to multiple IP addresses and everything in between, Internet Vikings provides almost everything regarding SEO.

Why Choose Internet Vikings Over Other Service Providers?

While there are many SEO hosting firms out there, not many of them can offer what Internet Vikings offer. The question above can best be answered by taking a look at the hosting features of the company, as well as its other aspects, such as ease of use, pricing, hosting technology, and customer support.

Ease of Use

For those who do not know what SEO hosting is all about, it would be helpful for them to familiarize themselves with the concept first. Once the idea the concept sinks in their mind, the understanding of what Internet Vikings does becomes easy. The company does most of the hard work for its clients by providing dedicated hosting and virtual private servers for search engine optimization. It also collects metrics for domain names and builds sites with relevant content, which is used for link building.

Hosting Technology

When it comes to providing top-notch SEO hosting, service providers rely heavily on multiple C-class internet protocol addresses. C-class is widely accepted as being relevant for purposes of SEO. Internet Vikings has 1,200 or thereabouts C-class IP addresses, which make it possible for the company to provide a wide range of search engine optimization infrastructures, each with its own unique C-class IPs. Internet Viking’s C-class IPs are spread in various different countries around the world, including various countries of Europe, United Kingdom, and the United States.

The virtual private server comes with 100 Mbps (speed), 25GB storage, 3GB RAM, 1 (or 2) CPU core processor(s), and 50 to 100 IPs. Of course, users on dedicated packages enjoy extras, including a higher storage capacity (2-4GB storage), 16-64GB RAM, Xeon 2620 processors, and 500-1000 IPs.

Hosting Features

When it comes to SEO hosting, Internet Vikings offers not only top-class security but also high speed. Additionally, the provider offers high bandwidth and storage levels to allow users optimizing their websites for better ranking in search engines. Internet Vikings uses a rank tracker to collect data from various different search engines, making it possible for the company to mine huge amounts of data on a daily basis. And that’s not all as the firm has also what it takes to scan about 200k expiring domains per day, in order to determine those ones with the best search engine optimization metrics.

Site Builder Features

It is not lost on Internet Vikings that great content is essential for great search engine optimization. On top of its domain software, the company offers strong domains and websites, which come with a WordPress theme and a logo. Specialists of the company create exclusive content for every customer following the guidelines provided by a client. 


Internet Vikings is known to offer a premium SEO solution at affordable prices. The firm’s prices reflect its targeted approach, as well as the niche it offers to its clients. Depending on his or her needs a customer can choose from the variety of pricing plans that will best suits their needs and be appropriate for their SEO strategy.

Customer Support

Internet Vikings has put in place a solid customer support service, which is available via phone call and email.  Using a hotline option one must know that the company’s headquarters are situated in Sweden. Besides that the customer can engage in a Live Chat with company’s support managers on the main site of the company. A separate email support is also provided for reporting abusive behavior and for help with website.

Final Thoughts

Internet Vikings are on their way to take the lead of the industry of SEO hosting service. Very few providers can compete with it in this area. Providing domains, which are ready for SEO, as well as website content for link building, the firm understands what driving traffic to websites means. Thus, any honest Internet Vikings review would definitely recommend the provider for SEO solutions.