Internet Vikings Review. Services Offered

Internet Vikings are capable of providing various hosting options, managed SEO, and iGaming services. All these solutions depend on open sources that are tailored to satisfy the needs of different clients. Since this is one of the best providers,` their top-notch services are competent enough to support SEO strategies.

An Overview of Internet Vikings

Internet Vikings hosting solutions is a company that started way back in 2008. Its main company headquarters is situated in Sweden. The two founders started this establishment to provide customized services to clients. The services and products that the company offers include the following:

Internet Vikings - Overview
  • SEO hosting
  • Cloud servers
  • Managed hosting
  • iGaming hosting
  • Dedicated Server hosting
  • iGaming hosting USA
  • iGaming hosting Malta
  • iGaming hosting Asia
  • iGaming hosting Europe
  • iGaming hosting LatAm
  • VMware Hosting
  • Co-location hosting

Who Can Seek Internet Vikings Services?

Internet Vikings Company does not restrict anyone. Every client who wishes to boost their rankings in search engines or has an iGaming or sports betting enterprise can consider Internet Vikings hosting solutions. The company works with a team of professionals who have all the qualifications needed to provide top-notch hosting services for the iGaming industry.

Internet Vikings - Hosting for iGaming or sports betting enterprise

Features and Simplicity

We also provide SEO hosting services that are compatible with Windows and Linux. Internet Vikings hosting provider also has around 16,000 American and European IPs. These IPs are dispersed into 1,200 ‘C’, 70 ‘B’, and 35 ‘A’ classes. Since this company is versatile, it is able to catapult the rankings of its customers in search engines. Internet Vikings provide hosting solutions to iGaming businesses worldwide.

  • Trustworthy and compliant hosting.
  • Availability in all key markets.
  • Rapid support
  • Hassle-free hardware maintenance
  • Track record of 99.9999% uptime
  • Scalability to help you cope
Internet Vikings - Trustworthy and compliant hosting - 99,999 % Uptime

Customer Service and Pricing

According to the Internet Vikings Review, clients can contact this company at anytime. They can choose to call its main company headquarters in Sweden or send an email. Being one of the premium providers, we put the interests of clients first.

This means Internet Vikings Hosting provides professional guidance and powerful products. Our team is determined to answer questions from clients. In addition, the team consists of tech-savvy engineers. Our professionals can handle various areas, from HA-clusters to container hosting

The cost of services reflects the targeted and niche approach that Internet Vikings provide to clients. Customers can choose the plans they are comfortable with. The payment plan ranges from VPS1 to VPS2 and from Dedicated1 to Dedicated2. Of course, the fees vary. We company try to find the best price/quality ratio for every plan we provide.

Internet Vikings - Customer Service and Pricing

Hosting Technology

Internet Vikings’ dedicated servers are customizable to fit the needs of your company. If a cloud server isn’t enough for you or if you want to have a dedicated SAN with multiple hosts connected to it, Internet Vikings iGaming hosting US can offer you that.

Internet Vikings - global iGaming Hosting

Internet Vikings hosting solutions provide cost-effective, secure hosting technology that supports instant growth for your business. By moving your data from AWS, Azure, or any other US-based cloud provider to Internet Vikings, you get:

  • Full compliance with GDPR
  • ISO 27001 data centers in strategic locations
  • Minimal latency to key markets

With availability in Canada, the U.S., Asia, Malta, LatAm, and Europe, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, our cloud hosting solutions are available.

Awards and Recognition

Internet Vikings - Awards - Recognition

The SiGMA NA Hosting Provider of the Year, the Global iGaming Awards for Services Provider of the Year, the Data Center of the Year from 5 Star iGaming Media, and the EGR Nordics Corporate Services Supplier of the Year are just a few of the awards that Internet Vikings’ cutting-edge hosting services have received.