Internet Vikings Review. Services Offered

Internet Vikings is capable of providing various hosting options, managed SEO, and iGaming services. All these solutions depend on the open sources that are tailored to satisfy the needs of different clients. Since this is one of the best providers, their top-notch services are competent enough to support SEO strategies. Customers are assured of getting the best solutions that come with different IP infrastructures.


An Overview of Internet Vikings

Internet Vikings Company is a company that started way back in 2008. Its main headquarters is situated in Sweden. The two founders started this establishment to provide customized services to clients. The services and products that the company offers include the following:

  • SEO hosting
  • Cloud servers
  • Managed hosting
  • iGaming hosting
  • IP-addresses

The company scans more 200k expired domains daily. It also has effective SEO solutions that drive traffic to customers’ websites. This solutions help clients get good rankings in various search engines.

Who Can Seek Help From Internet Vikings?

Internet Vikings Company does not restrict anyone. Every client who wishes to boost his or her rankings in search engines can consider this establishment. The company works with a team of professionals who have all the qualifications. So, they use their skills to start websites of customers from scratch. They also help when it comes to domain opportunities, optimization features, IP addresses, and Internet data.

internet vikings review
internet vikings review

Features and Simplicity

Experts that work in this company are good at selling and collecting of expired domains. They choose domain names with dependable backlink profiles, high PageRank, and SEO metrics. These professionals discover these domains by filtering and scanning them daily. New domain names are auctioned on Mondays before they are sold out in the marketplace. This market has more than 5k domains; their price is fixed.

This company also provides SEO hosting services that are compatible with Windows and Linux. Internet Vikings Company also has around 16,000 American and European IPs. These IPs are dispersed into 1,200 ‘C’, 70 ‘B’, and 35 ‘A’ classes. Since this company is versatile, it is able to catapult the rankings of their customers in search engines.

Customers that lack enough resources and time can always get help from content sites professionals. These experts can help clients to establish their websites with already expired domain names. The professionals also are good in buildings websites with captivating, SEO friendly, and engaging content.

Customer Service and Pricing

According to the Internet Vikings Review, clients can contact this company anytime. They can choose to call its main headquarters in Sweden or send an email. Being one of the premium providers, they put the interest of clients first. This means Internet Vikings Company provides professional guidance and powerful products. Its team is determined to answer questions of clients. In addition, the team consists of tech-savvy engineers. These professionals can handle various areas from HA-clusters to container hosting and from Linux to WordPress.

The costs of services reflect the targeted and niche approach that Internet Vikings provide to clients. Customers can choose the plans they are comfortable with. The payment plan ranges from VPS1 to VPS2 and from Dedicated1 to Dedicated2. Of course, the fees vary. The company tries to find the best price and quality ratio for every plan it provides.

internet vikings review
internet vikings review

Hosting Technology

According to Internet Vikings Review, SEO hosting services depend on IP addresses in C-class. This class is important when it comes to SEO strategies. Internet Vikings Company holds approximately 1200 IPs in class C. Customers from different parts of the world can use these IPs. Some of the places that clients can use these IPs include the following:

  • Europe
  • UK (United Kingdom)
  • US (United States)

Moreover, VPS options can consist of 2 core processors, RAM of 3GB, speed of 100 megapixels, 100 IPs, and storage of 25GB. Dedicated packages comprise of 2620 processors (Xeon), RAM of 64 GB, storage of 1 terabyte, and 1000 IPs.

Registering Domain Names

Businesses depend on domain names. These names offer support when it comes to respectability, image, and status. They also grab the attention of people who visit the Internet. Internet Vikings has registered many domains in different countries dealing with both small and large corporations. 

The Company’s Control Panel

This section provides all the details that customers need to know about different domains. Control Panel is the simplest way to deal with the list of domains. It is also simple for customers to keep things in order.

Renewing the Domain Names

Keeping customers’ needs as its primary focus, Internet Vikings has tried everything possible to come up with a management tool that will help its clients not to forget about renewing their domain names. Thanks to this tool all the domain names of a customer can be renewed automatically. Clients have credit lines that they use to avoid missing out a chance of renewing domain names.

This company also works with account managers who assist customers choose an excellent domain name. With Internet Vikings, customers will enjoy benefits such as the following:

  • An account manager to get support
  • Renewal options with reasonable payment plans
  • Credit line for busy clients
  • Renewing domain names automatically

Sometimes it is just hard to always remember to renew domain names. But with Internet Vikings customers do not to be worried of such a thing.

internet vikings review

Brand Protection

Internet Vikings Company offer protection services to its clients. These services help customers deal with competitors amicably. Clients have the freedom of using keywords that can help them get good rankings. This establishment provides an effective solution for all customers. Brand protection services help customers get several positions in different search engines.

Concluding Remarks

This company is tucked with different services such as domain registration and SEO hosting. Customers who need solutions for their business should consider none other than Internet Vikings!