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Internet Vikings - Servers and Security

When it comes to choosing a hosting provider, every business owner wants reliable servers. Reliable data servers ensure that websites that are hosted on them remain active and responsive and that potential clients can locate their business pages on them without any worries. It is, therefore, vital to make sure that the dedicated servers one chooses are stable and secure enough for all the hosting needs of a business.

Internet Vikings offer reliable and flexible hosting by providing servers equipped with the latest technological advancements in the server hosting space.

Internet Vikings Servers

With over a decade of experience, Internet Vikings offer several hosting solutions for companies in different sectors.
Regardless of which industry a business operates in, there is a suitable service package that matches its needs. Businesses have the option of choosing between the two primary server packages that can be either cloud servers or dedicated servers. Businesses that want a mix of both cloud and dedicated servers can choose packages that combine both.

Internet Vikings Servers

Cloud Servers

The most cost-effective way to host a site today is through cloud hosting. It has an advantage over any other form of storage technology. This is because, with a cloud, businesses can enjoy swift and smooth business scalability without making infrastructural changes or, worse so, changing server hosting providers. One of the most common issues that come with server hosting is loading issues. However, with Internet Vikings, businesses will never encounter any loading issues since they use all-flash storage, which is more reliable and flexible.

Internet Vikings Servers and Security - Cloud Servers

Why Internet Viking’s Cloud Servers?

Internet Viking’s server solutions aim to meet customer needs through developing unique packages for each business. In general, companies will get a unique solution that enables them to not only effectively run their business but also scale with ease.

The Internet Vikings cloud server package offers extra security features at no additional charge, even for WordPress hosting. With about 80% of the world using WordPress hosting and utilization of the latest All-Flash SAN technology, businesses are guaranteed a maximum response time of 70 milliseconds.

Internet Vikings - cloud servers - extra security features at no additional charge

When it comes to security, the most preferred hosting option among many companies is private hosting. At Internet Vikings, both public and private cloud options still come with exceptionally high speeds and control. With cybersecurity becoming a significant concern in the online world, no company wants to leave any security loopholes. Private cloud hosting ensures that you do not compromise the security of your website in any way.

Cloud hosting is not limited to any size of business or website. Internet Vikings provide secure and reliable server packages that can cater to the needs of any company in any industry.

Dedicated Servers

For businesses and sites that feel that the cloud server is not their ultimate solution, Internet Vikings provides a scalable solution through dedicated servers. This package ensures that businesses do not have to incur extra costs for different servers, especially when sites are connected to multiple servers across different geo-locations.

Internet Vikings Servers and Security - Dedicated Servers

Advantages of Dedicated Servers

Internet Vikings Servers and Security - Advantages of Dedicated Servers

The first advantage companies will enjoy by choosing a dedicated server solution is the ability to manage their sites remotely. With businesses scaling across the world and entrepreneurs joining hands with global investors, every business owner needs to have the ability to control their software remotely. Dedicated servers and cloud hosting make this possible since storage can be virtually managed from any part of the world.

Dedicated servers by Internet Vikings have boosted performance thanks to NVMe and SSD hard drives. These two hard drives have higher and faster performance compared to other traditional options like HDD. This means that the site loads quicker and businesses get more site traffic, which can also increase their conversion rates.

Why Choose Internet Vikings for Servers Solutions?

The above elaboration on both cloud hosting and dedicated servers show one-of-a-kind solutions, but why choose Internet Vikings in the first place?

First of all, Internet Vikings have been in the Internet solutions business for more than ten years. This proves that the company is more than able to provide you with cloud hosting and dedicated server solutions that have been tested and proven over time.

Internet Vikings - Servers and Security - one-of-a-kind hosting solutions

In a world where technology keeps advancing, Internet Vikings make sure that the pace is set and that they are leading it rather than following from a distance.

Internet Vikings have a team of well-dedicated and professional researchers who commit their time to finding the best solutions for businesses. Thus, they can provide unique and tailor-made solutions for different businesses and sites across various industries.

With cloud hosting and dedicated servers, business owners will not have to worry about unexpected server failures that bring business operations to a standstill. Internet Vikings ensure that it offers reliable hosting, thanks to the cloud, which allows companies to operate their software remotely. 

Flexibility is key in the technology space, and Internet Vikings make sure that companies can adjust accordingly regardless of their location.

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Internet Vikings - Servers and Security - Contacts

Internet Vikings offer a comprehensive response to all queries posted on their contact page as soon as possible. Their services are accessible from any part of the world. They can be reached by either email or phone for further consultation. All sales inquiries can be communicated through email,, and any reports of abuse via

Server hosting is an integral aspect of any business with an online presence. With so many players in the market, it can be hard to choose a good server hosting provider. However, with Internet Vikings, companies are guaranteed secure, reliable, and affordable hosting and related services.