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Internet Vikings have been around since 2008, and provide a reliable solutions for all hosting needs. Anyone considering hosting should take time in reviewing a few factors. These include the expected volume of traffic, level of support required, size of the website, and whether multiple IP addresses are needed. Choosing the right web host is essential for any online business. It can make all the difference for the site’s performance.


Internet Vikings Provide Hosting Solutions That Suit Your Businesses’ Needs

Worldwide iGaming Hosting

Internet Vikings are one of the leading providers for the online gaming industry. They offer worldwide iGaming cloud hosting solutions for gaming platforms and affiliates. Depending on the size of the operation, operators have the option of a private cloud which is dedicated solely to one customer, or shared, or hybrid clouds. They also have the option of dedicated hardware on all locations instead of a cloud setup.

Web acceleration is also an option and a powerful alternative to localized servers. It speeds up the transfer of files between web browsers and is ideal for iGaming sites with high levels of traffic. As Internet Vikings is an expert in the online gaming industry, customers are assured of gaming regulations being managed in the best way. Low latency to key markets ensures maximum profit for professional gaming sites.

SEO Hosting

SEO hosting is also known as a C-class IP hosting. It allows web developers to build private blog networks without affecting page rank. SEO hosting has huge benefits for those wanting to attract more traffic to their site. Having plenty of links on a blog is great, but if they’re all coming from the same IP address, they may be filtered out. Internet Vikings provide multiple IP addresses from classes A, B, and C. Customers can create a network of content sites linking back to their main blog.

This gives the impression that the site has links from all over the world. With 160,000 diversified IPs, there are plenty of potential links to drive tons of traffic to any website. One of the benefits of diversified IP addresses is being able to change the geolocation of domains while keeping all files on the same server. This is great as search engine won’t know the origin of content links. Whether Linux or Windows, Internet Vikings provide a professional service. Customers get 35 A-class, 70 B-Class, and 1,200 C-Class diversified IPs with every solution.

internet vikings hosting
internet vikings hosting

Convenient Control Panel to manage all the domain names 

Managing multiple domain names can be tough if all the information regarding them is not properly organized Internet Vikings SEO hosting services provides the company’s clients with a personal account to a convenient Control Panel. A customers can find all the necessary information about the domains they own. It makes it super easy for users to control and track data of their domain names in order to boost their SEO strategy and achieve maximum results from it.

Help with Building Websites

Building a website takes up a lot of time which many business owners don’t have. Internet Vikings have a team of experts able to create professionally designed sites with SEO friendly content. This frees up valuable time for more critical tasks such as marketing. No matter what language is required, an external content agency can provide text in 50 different languages. Top-level domains relevant to the topic and with valid history are found and linked to the main site. Each is given a unique nameserver, and IP address before any content is added.

Access to a Private Marketplace

Internet Vikings have a private marketplace of expired domain names, many of which already have backlinks. Only ones with excellent SEO metrics are chosen, giving site owners a head start. Customers can search for a domain and check its profile before making a decision to buy. This allows for complete clarity and removes any doubt about the validity of the domain. Using quality expired domains can drive more traffic as Google favours quality links.

internet vikings servers

Managed Hosting

Managed hosting provides dedicated servers to a single customer as opposed to shared hosting. This gives a higher level of security since there are fewer sites using server resources. Internet Vikings provide reliable and secure managed hosting packages tailored to suit individual needs. Whether a large setup or small business, they can help.

Importance of Data Safety

One of the key benefits of managed hosting is having a team of experts continually monitoring for any security issues. They can quickly uncover problems and fix them, preventing an attack from hackers. Internet Vikings take customer data very seriously and would never allow third parties to access it.

They constantly working on enhancing security measures to prevent any data loss. All servers of the company are protected according to international standards, so Internet Vikings can keep all customer data safe. Whether natural disasters such as hurricanes and floods, or those made by human error, they assure complete safety.

Cloud Hosting

Internet Vikings provide cloud hosting to all their customers. There are many benefits, including faster site speed, no hardware issues, and fewer downtimes. Only all flash storage is used, which is based on high-speed technology. Their cloud servers cover 80% of the world’s population with an amazing 70 millisecond response time.

Cloud hosting lowers the risk of any potential problems as well as being cost-effective. This type of hosting is recommended for small to medium size businesses since it’s less expensive. Private cloud hosting offers superior speed and security for those with managed hosting packages.

Another attracting feature of Cloud hosting is an amazing level of security that can be provided under this option. 

internet vikings hosting

24 Hour Customer Support for Any Hosting Issues

No matter what time of day or night, a team of expert technicians are ready to assist customers with any problems related to hosting. Serious issues such as hardware failure can occur suddenly at any time without warning. Knowing there’s a team ready to deal with anything quickly and professionally, gives peace of mind. No business can afford downtime as potential customers can be lost.